Prosthodontist of North Richland Hills and Fort Worth

Dr. Carlos Tello, a dental specialist in Prosthodontics serving North Richland Hills and Fort Worth, believes in taking care of people in a highly personalized manner which is tailor-made for each individual. Treatment recommendations are based on sound scientific and clinical research. He works hard with his staff to understand your concerns regarding your dental treatment to give you a smile that shines with confidence!

Dental Implants

The term Dental Implants has become very popular in recent years. Dental Implants have been used for over 44 years but until recently they were reserved for patients who were in an accident and needed reconstructive surgery.

The advancement in dental implants is amazing. Now virtually anyone can have an implant to repair a broken tooth or a full cosmetic set to repair a broken smile. Dr. Tello is located in Fort Worth and North Richland Hills and has over 41 years of experience and is ready to help you find the perfect solution to your problem.

What Our Patients Are Saying

We can not thank you enough for the wonderful care and treatment you have provided over the past couple of years for my wife Cheryl. Your skills are amazing!  We are so thankful for all you have done!

Bob and Cheryl

I am writing to tell you how great I think of your great work on making my teeth. They fit better than my old ones ever did. I never dreaded coming for fittings. My family and friends have told me how good I look with them. Even the lady that cuts my hair said that they make me look 10 years younger. I will recommend you to anyone I can. Thank you again. The ladies in your office are very pleasant and helpful, friendly. I enjoyed coming to the office.

Lila M. Palmer"

I never knew having my smile improved would make my entire face look so different. I feel so much better and my friends tell me I look younger and happier too!

Shannon Ways

Excellent professional and meticulous.  Dr. Tello and his staff are wonderful and always available.  Dr. Tello’s  has such confidence and abilities treating me and made me feel very important at each visit.  I wounld not consider treatment by anyone else…EVER! I am happy and healthier overall and enjoy eating foods I thought I would not be able to enjoy.

The more time I was with Dr.Tello the better I knew things were going to be.  It(the treatment) has changed my life, I feel better about myself.  I laugh, I smile, and have become my self again. Not only do I refer my friends, even people I do not know!  Thank you for giving me my personality back.

Dr. Tello was the best. I recommend him to all of my family and friends. I can't believe I waited this long to have dental implants to fix my broken smile. Thanks Dr Tello and everyone at your office - I've never been happier!

Alec White

I am 100% satisfied with my upper partial.  I felt welcome. My dental treatment was completed in a timely fashion, my appointments were on time.  I am so pleased, no problems. .. Dr. Tello and hisstaff were extremely caring and I appreciated his concerns and good work…..All my friends and family have told me how beautiful my teeth are.

Barbara J McGee